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Here's how MigrainePal helps you

Record, discover & control your condition with individual insights & feedback that empowers you to reduce your migraines.

Learn from others like you, share experiences and receive support.

Track your progress and stay motivated as you make changes to improve your condition.

Does this sound familiar?

"I've been to lots of different specialists trying to find a solution."

"I've tried all the options."

"I've had an MRI and done the precautionary scans."

"I'm sick of taking so much medicine and their side effects."

"My physician doesn't have the answers"

"I wish the migraines would just go away"

60% of users reduced their migraine attacks by half on average*

I've cut my migraine frequency in half. I'm very grateful for MigrainePal.

Elise W.

This is the longest I've been without migraines in 2 and a half years.

Andy C.

I was really surprised at how much certain triggers are playing a role in my migraines.

Jelica K.

*Average reduction in migraine frequency during a qualitative MigrainePal pilot study conducted Aug-Nov 2013.

How it works:

Record, discover and control

Get individual feedback that empowers you to take action with measureable results.

  • Record your condition against important factors daily,
  • Discover individual insights from your personal health dashboard,
  • Control your condition with actionable feedback and next steps to help you reduce the frequency and severity of your migraines.

Take advantage of smarter technology to help you control your migraines.

Connect with people like you

  • MigrainePal gives you the option to connect with others who share similar characteristics of migraine,
  • Data is anonymously collected about treatments, symptoms, causes and more so that each member can benefit from every other member's knowledge and experience,
  • Recieve support to help improve your condition and share with others.

Improve your migraine IQ with easy to read insights you can apply.

Track your condition and monitor your progress.

  • Many struggle to keep a regular diary. Despite our best intentions or recommendations from our doctor to use one. Often its because we only use the diary around our migraine attacks - which is actually the time when you least feel like using it.
  • MigrainePal is the opposite. We suggest you make entries every day. But if you have a heavy migraine, wait until you feel better, then catchup.

It's easier to create a new habit when you do it regularly. MigrainePal makes it easier and more rewarding.

How does MigrainePal help when everything else hasn't?

  1. Migraines are complex, individual and inconsistent. It's difficult and often ineffective trying to juggle everything in your head. Recording your condition daily is important.

  2. "Why can't I use another diary, journal or free app?"

    These are better than nothing at all, but free apps or journals fall short of providing:

    • Meaningful insights about your progress or personal condition.
    • Actionable feedback with measureable results.
    • Consistent measurements that can be compared anonymously across other members so that you can benefit from every other members knowledge, progress and learnings.
    • Support and motivation to help you record your condition each day.

    Traditional diaries help record your attacks, but they don't actively help you prevent migraines.

  3. MigrainePal's mission is to improve your condition. It's preventative and focuses on getting you better by empowering you with the tools, information and support you need to reduce your migraines.

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