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You've already done the hard part! MigrainePal empowers you with smart insights about your personal condition. MigrainePal is made by migraineurs for migraineurs.

Take advantage of our intelligent technology to learn more about your condition, triggers, to evaluate your treatments so you can prevent more attacks and better manage your condition with your doctor.

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Expert consultation. If you haven't seen any progress after using MigrainePal for 3 months you can book a free 1 on 1 consultation with one of our experts.
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It's easy to use

MigrainePal makes healthier habits like keeping a diary easier and more enjoyable. Within a minute you’ll have recorded your entry and be one day closer to controlling your condition.

It works

The reason MigrainePal was created was because it was instrumental in pulling Carl, the founder of MigrainePal, out of 7 years of chronic migraines. Like many others, his migraines were less frequent at first (episodic) but gradually became more and more frequent over many years until they became chronic.
Getting an individual understanding about your condition is invaluable to effectively managing your condition. Carl could experience up 6 migraines a week, now he is around 1 every 3 months. He says “when I do get attacks it’s usually because I was complacent. I'm not ambushed like I used to be”.

Migraines can be managed

Don't resign yourself to a future of uncontrollable migraines. Migraines can be controlled and if there is one thing that almost all migraine experts agree on it’s keeping a diary. It helps you discover new triggers, track your progress, evaluate treatments and report findings to your doctor. MigrainePal is the most advanced diary available for migraineurs.

Cheaper than many medications

Have you ever counted how much you’ve spent on drugs, doctors and specialists? We have and shocked us to realize that some of us had spent over $6,000 in one year! If your not keeping track, your condition (and expenses) can quickly spiral out of control.

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What do our members say

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I've cut my migraine frequency in half. I'm very grateful for MigrainePal.

Elise W.
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This is the longest I've been without migraines in 2.5 years.

Andy C.
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I was really surprised at how much certain triggers are playing a role in my migraines.

Jelica K.

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Start preventing migraines

Take control with the information and feedback you need to reduce attacks. Get:

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Don't know your triggers? Click here to get started with the most common triggers.

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Migraines affect people in different ways

It can vary by age, gender, length of time with this condition and even
what treatments you've tried.

This information is used to improve and personalise your report,
it will not be visible to others.

How many days of an average month do you experience a migraine?
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Lets make keeping daily diary easier.

One of the best ways is to start is by anchoring a new habit with an existing daily activity.

This should be a specific activity. For example: "After I brush my teeth in the morning, I make a MigrainePal entry using my phone." This is what we call a habit recipe.

Select your habit recipe below to create a new habit with MigrainePal.

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Save time and shortlist your treatments

Keep track of your medications and shortlist all the treatments you have tried or are using. These will appear on your entry page and make them easier to find.

What medication have you used in the past or are currently using to treat your condition? condition? Medications are listed by generic name, not all brands are listed.
What non-medicinal treatments have you used in the past or are currently using to treat your condition?

Connect with other migraine pals

Migraines can be an isolating, but we support and learn from each other. MigrainePal allows you to connect with other migraineurs to share experiences, support and ask questions.

To post or comment visit the News Feed or Messages page which are found in the Connect section.

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